Prepping for Dragon Con 2023, New Shirt Designs Will Be Available, and "Apocalypse Dino" Has Been Completed :-)

Ladies and gentlemen, we're now in the final week of preparation before Dragon Con 2023 (we'll be loading the rental truck and heading south next Tuesday), we're entirely nervous yet excited about the trip, and we've rerouted our new t-shirt designs ("Dirty Dancing/Super Mario Brothers" and "Mrs. Cake, Noted Feline Murderess") to be delivered to us down in Atlanta. 

Long story short, we'll be scrambling a bit (i.e., unboxing, folding, and labeling the new designs and restock in the hotel room), but we should be able to deliver the new designs we worked so hard on at one of the greatest geek events in the country.

We've also just finished our "Apocalypse Dino" video, which offers a Dino-based recreation of the classic Hotel Room Freakout scene from "Apocalypse Now" with an inflatable T-Rex perspective. Thanks to the amazing Stuart Washington for lending his abode for most of the filming as well as doing the lion's share of the physical acting, voiceovers, and lending a hand with the cuts and editing, and we stand assured that this is what Coppola wanted to shoot in the first place and that a MacArthur Genius Grant lies just around the corner...

If you're headed to Dragon Con, we'll be on the third floor of the vendors area at booths 3518 and 3520 (as illustrated in the video), we can't wait to see you, and despite all the madness that goes into preparing for, traveling to, and working Dragon Con, you guys make everything completely worth it and one of our favorite shows to work each year!!! :-)